Let There Be Light  

We offer a wide range of indoor lighting supplies designed to enhance your home’s aesthetics

Indoor Lighting

Ceiling Lights

Pendant lights, spotlight fittings and chandeliers — the world is your oyster with The Wholesaler B.E.L Group.

table lamps

Table Lamps 

We provide our clients with a range of decorative lighting solutions including pop-up desk lighting outlets.

ambient lights

Ambient Lights

Wall lights, floor lights, plinths, bulkheads and cabinet lights are the order of the day at our premises. 

Outdoor Lighting

ground lights

Ground Lights 

We can present you with a wide range of ground lighting solutions such as decking lights and spike lights. 

standing lights

Standing Lights 

We sell a variety of outdoor standing lights such as post lights, bollard lights and sensor floodlights. 

wall lights

Wall Lights 

At our store, you can get your hands on a choice of floodlights, wall lights and security lighting.



We hold a wide selection of lanterns at our store, including outdoor lanterns, hanging and wall lanterns.

Commercial Lighting 



Our range of bulkheads includes sensory bulkhead lights, Pendle lights, round wall lights, overhead and wall-mounted bulkheads.

panel lights

Panel Lights

At The Wholesaler B.E.L Group, you can find an array of panel lighting solutions ideal for commercial premises.



We sell a wide variety of tubes including batten lights, light bars and a selection of lighting tubes and fittings.

Our Brands