Plumbing Solutions

At The Wholesaler B.E.L Group, you can get your hands on a range of plumbing supplies for the home, office or for commercial premises. At our store, you can find an extensive selection of products ideal for construction workers and DIY enthusiasts. 







Plumbing Supplies

plumbing pipes

Plumbing Pipes

We can provide you with both copper and plastic pipes renowned for their flexibility and versatility. Available in all sizes.

pipe fittings

Pipe Fittings

We can present you with a choice of plastic and copper pipe fittings and solder rings ideal for compression or MDPE fittings.

waste pipes

Waste Pipes 

We hold a range of waste pipes and fittings in a variety of sizes, along with couplings, connectors and more. 

soil pipe fittings

Soil Pipe Fittings

Our selection of interlocking soil and vent products is ideal for draining systems, boss adaptors and other accessories. 



We sell a choice of brassware and valves, nuts and flanged plugs. At our store, you can also find brass nipples and sockets.

waste traps

Waste Traps

Our range of waste and trap connector solutions are ideal for kitchen sinks. They come in a range of finishes and sizes.